Aero is the best way to find new vacation spots from hotels to resorts. Reserving rooms has never been easier with intuitive navigation.



I mainly focused on improving the usual experience of hotel booking services while adding feature that I though where lacking. This is also a responsive website where I designed not only how it would look on computers but tablets and phones too. designed not only how it would look on computers but tablets and phones too. would look on computers but tablets and phones too.


Personal project


User research, Visual design.


With the research underway, I went and aligned some of the core issues we are tackling with personas that fit the demographic quite well. Sarah needs a way to favorite locations so its easier for her to keep track of all the cool locations she wants to explore now or in the future. A big pain point she has is hidden booking fees that can turn a cheap location into something way over her budget.


The journey

I spent time understanding how the average user uses hotel booking and their experiences in doing so. This the usual journey Sarah would go to while checking other hotel booking sites. She is always excited by the idea of gateway location and spends way too much time looking at different places from pictures to prices.



before I worked on wireframes I spent time focusing on what I really wanted in the website structure and I really wanted to emphasize that fact that Aero has different properties that you can reserve from normal hotels to villas.

site map


After sketching out some pen-on-paper wireframes and thinking through the main flow,
I had to change and switch a lot of ideas around to get something I was happy with.

homepage hotel

Final designs

aero designsaero designs


I learned a lot from this project as I wasn't happy with designs at first. There where some big problems in the UX side of it and the design was too complicated. I think working on redesigning these pages gave me a new perspective on how small changes can change the whole designs from changing the colors slightly to increasing corner reduce on objects. Designs are never truly "finished" there will always be user feedback to consider and products on the market to get inspired from.

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