Worked with what was previously Statcare medical to revamp their mobile app and interfaces for their rebrand!



This was a rebranding of Statcare medical which is an urgent healthcare clinic with many locations in new york city. I was hired as the only designer to help build their vision of this new experience that gives their patients everything they need before they step into the clinic. Their old app was very basic and doesn't contain many features that patients of statecare need. It was up to us to really think deeply and see what we can do to build a great experience for patients and people who are looking for urgent care!




User research, Visual design.


The first thing I had to focus on was why are we redesigning the app? and what are the biggest obstacles we have to overcome. The design needed a refresh as the rebrand of statcare into naomedical was something they have worked on for a while. We had issues in the app where the appointment workflow was very long and tedious with many of the core features of the new brand missing from the app. After going to many locations I saw how they interacted with the previous interfaces and the workflow they had. I talked to some people who frequent statcare about what they like the most. With this, I've gone to work to figure out what are the most important things we need to focus on. The most important thing was to make scheduling appointments for yourself or others as effortless as possible. Making a way for people to get health advice for their loved ones as fast as possible with telemedicine.



We went into many meetings to figure out how the app should flow and what was needed for our vision of statcare to being the only health app you need. From various sketches to site maps, we tried to get all our ideas out there and improve upon them.

lo-fi designs

Once we had a solid idea me and the team started sharing ideas and making low-fidelity screens. With this, we had so many new ideas and exciting possibilities that can flourish. We started getting more of an idea of how the app should look like and feel.


Final designs

I focused on making the final design of the app very simple but have a clean aesthetic. It was very important to make everything simple and easy to use for everybody, and remove all the unnecessary clutter. Our brand colors and patterns were our way of really showing how different we are and it was needed to create our own brand and aesthetic.

naomedical screens
naomedical screensnaomedical screens


I learned so much from working on this project. I'm really thankful I got such a big role in the development of this app not only the visual side but the user experience side too. My biggest takeaway from this experience is that the design can change so much with time, and iterating is the only way to see what works and what doesn't. Working through different iterations and concepts really made me consider all options and variations to see what really works.

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